closedThe information provided on this page is not intended to replace appropriately qualified therapy.  It is provided for information purposes. Feel free to view and download whatever you desire.  Click on the link to open in a new page or alternately you can right click the link and save the item.  Documents are generally provided in PDF format and an PDF read will be required to access the document.  Audio and video content will be in the appropriate format usually MP3 file format.


The following tools can be downloaded and used to assist recovery.

Heathy Distress Tolerance Diary.

This document can be used to monitor levels of distress tolerance and uses a scaled format to grade the level of distress experienced.  When kept it can identify patterns and isights into the way we deal with stress and distress in our lives. By Craig E. Brewer

Healthy Distress Tolerance Diary.pages

Act Mindfully Resources

This link is provided with the kind permission of Dr Russ Harris the creator of the content found on the page.  It contains various audio, video and text based resources that you may find useful.

Dr Russ harris – Act Mindfully – Psychological tools and free resources


Introduction to Mindful Breathing (10 Minutes)

This file is only an introduction to developing Mindfulness Skills.  It allows users to begin to develop mindfulness skills through experience and practice.  Just click on the link below to download the file. by Craig E. Brewer



So You Want to see a Counsellor:  What you need to know!

This is a short video outlining the importance of selecting an appropriate Social Worker, counsellor or Psychotherapist to assist with your needs.  For more detailed information please visit the related article in the Articles section of this site. by Craig E. Brewer

This information is provided as is and no warranty is implied or expressed.  The content is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to replace an appropriately qualified therapist.

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